Plans and Billing


Trials provide a way for teams to try out a Pro subscription before committing to a plan. If you are curious about the impact of increased VM specs or want to test out collaboration with more of your team members, a Pro trial is the perfect way to go.

About Trials

When you sign up for a trial, you are starting a Pro subscription with a 14-day free test period.

Only workspace admins have permission to start a trial. Trial-related notifications and actions are customized to the role of the user. Non-admins may see notifications to upgrade to Pro for more options, but only users with an admin role will be able to start or cancel a trial or subscription. As soon as the admin has completed the Stripe registration for a trial, all the Pro features will become available to the team.

You can view the full list of Pro features on our Pricing page (opens in a new tab).

Getting the most out of the trial

Each team has different needs and use cases. By starting a trial, team members can experience all the Team Pro features and determine what best facilitates their work.

Below, you can find out more about the Pro features our users appreciate the most.

Increased editor seats

By adding your team members to CodeSandbox, you can experience the possibilities of CodeSandbox collaboration without compromise.

This means that you can simply share the link of a PR or branch with anyone from your workspace to get timely feedback and shorten the review cycle.

More VM specs

Our Pro trial allows teams to work with higher VM specs, thereby reducing potential frustration with speed or memory limits. This is especially important when you are working with more complex codebases.

Access to private repositories

If you are working on a private project, the best way to evaluate if Pro is right for you is to import that private repo (or create a private sandbox) and work on it using CodeSandbox.

Importing private repositories is fast and secure and allows your team to accelerate how they code and review in an everyday context.

End of trial

If at the end of the trial you decide Pro isn't right for you, it's no sweat. That is what trials are for.

As the team draws close to the end of the trial period, everyone will see notifications letting them know that the trial will end soon. Admins will see this as well as a call to action to 'Manage Subscription', where they will have the chance to end the trial if they desire.

Once the trial has been canceled, the works will become inactive. This measn that all sandboxes and repositories will be restricted to read-only.

However, if the trial is not ended, billing for the Pro subscription will start right after so that the team can keep on working without interruption. Don't worry, admins will get an email notification in advance of this as well.

Changes after canceling a subscription

Collaboration is limited to Pro workspaces. Once a Pro workspace subscription has been canceled, all members will lose write access to sandboxes and repositories in the workspace. Depending on permissions for a sandbox, members may move sandboxes to other workspaces. Once the workspace is reactivated, all the sandboxes and repositories will become active again.