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Instant cloud

CodeSandbox gives you 24/7 collaborative cloud development environments (CDEs) that resume in 2 seconds.


Meet a CDE that makes an impact


hours saved

per developer, per week



in dev onboarding time


of cloud workloads will be built and deployed using CDEs by 2026, according to Gartner


One environment for the whole team.

Get always consistent development environments that boost productivity and empower collaboration.


Faster than local

Get rid of slow build times and time lost in context-switching. Our powerful VMs run your code up to 200x faster than local and resume any project in 2 seconds.


Works on everyone’s machine

Instead of putting each developer's machine in the cloud, we run each branch on a centralized CDE that gives everyone the same experience.

Collaborative 24/7

CodeSandbox is the only fully collaborative CDE. Your entire team can connect to the same environment and code live, together, anytime.

Reliable and secure

We are SOC 2 Type II compliant, ensuring the security of your code and data. You get flexible permissions, access control, security monitoring, private npm, and more.


your git workflow.

Shorten the review cycle with an all-in-one platform for efficient code reviews.

Review code in record time

Every PR and branch is a URL

Get a cloud dev environment for every PR that starts in 2 seconds and integrates all code review tooling into a single platform.


Review code in record time

Save hours every week reviewing PRs. See the code, tests and a preview, make any necessary changes, and merge it.


Empower the whole team

Using accessible tooling such as our inspect tool, anyone can make commit changes with a few clicks.

Plug and Play

Integrate seamlessly with your dev setup.

Get all the benefits of cloud development working flawlessly alongside your current setup.


Use the editor of your choice

Switch between VS Code and our web editor to keep coding and collaborating without skipping a beat.

GitHub integration

Review PRs in record time and get automatic deployment previews.

Pre-configured environments

We use Dev Containers to pre-configure your environments with all the required tools, libraries and dependencies, so you can skip the setup and start coding.

Template universe

Start with your favorite stack.

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repositories connected



0.0 billion+

lines of code written
Accelerate your dev workflow.