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Oct 31, 2023

Introducing CodeSandbox Enterprise

Instant CDEs you can trust, at a fraction of the investment.

Ives van HoorneStephen Williams
Ives van Hoorne & Stephen Williams
Introducing CodeSandbox Enterprise

At CodeSandbox, we run your code in our cloud infrastructure, configure the environment for you and keep your code always ready, behind a shareable URL. Give it a try with this Next.js example or import your GitHub repo!

Ives van Hoorne
Ives van HoorneCodeSandbox Co-Founder

Today, we are thrilled to announce CodeSandbox Enterprise: a new product offering that elevates our cloud development environments with enterprise-grade features and support.

As we built and grew our product over these past few years, we saw clear interest from larger organizations—especially after we focused on growing our cloud development environment (CDE).

We’ve been working on building the required functionality for enterprises, like private cloud and auditing, and today CodeSandbox has become fully enterprise-ready.

CDEs in the enterprise

Even though they may be a novel concept to many, CDEs have been used for years now by large organizations like Uber and Meta. Uber’s case is especially interesting, as their homegrown remote development platform, which took five years to develop, became “one of the top productivity boosters by Uber developers”.

Much like Uber, several organizations have begun searching for a way to solve the inconsistency, broken flows and silos of local development. As Gergely Orosz from The Pragmatic Engineer explained, Slack, Shopify, Monday and Pipedrive are just a few other household names that have also invested in building their own CDE.

So it was no surprise when the 2023 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies by Gartner confirmed everything we at CodeSandbox predicted back in 2021 when we shifted our product focus:

60% of cloud workloads will be built and deployed using CDEs by 2026.

A CDE that makes an impact

One of the most puzzling questions about CDEs at this stage is “build or buy?”.

For years, the lack of mature CDE technology in the market prompted several organizations to implement their homegrown CDEs. But things have rapidly changed. Today, the CDE market is blooming, development environment specs are a reality, and we have reached enterprise-readiness of our mature CDE that is powerful like no other.

  • Instant VMs: We are the only CDE solution that can spin up an environment in 1.5 seconds, thanks to our memory snapshotting technology. That’s 100+ times faster than other CDEs and local environments.
  • A 24/7 available VM for every branch: This allows us to run a dedicated powerful VM for every single branch. All these environments are available 24/7 because we can resume the VM at any point when a request comes in (even when someone in the team is not connected) and provide deployment previews that everyone in the team can use anytime.
  • Collaborative by default: Because we give a VM to every branch and keep it available, we empower developers to collaborate on the same branch. This is super powerful for live pair programming and faster PR reviews—when a developer needs feedback from a designer or QA, they can share a link with these colleagues and they’ll jump on the live branch to review.

Showcase of our instant spin-up times and collaborative branches.

But that’s not all. We built CodeSandbox Enterprise with all the features and requirements needed for enterprise deployments, with solid infrastructure, high availability, and robust security.

Infrastructure that scales

Stephen Williams
Stephen WilliamsHead of Growth at CodeSandbox

With CodeSandbox Enterprise, we’re meeting the key requirements that were consistently mentioned in our conversations with larger companies, while also addressing some of the key concerns.

First, there’s the question of cost-effectiveness. We are delivering CodeSandbox Enterprise with flexible deployments—cloud, private cloud and managed on-premise—and a usage-based billing model that scales with engineering needs and maximizes ROI.

Second, a big concern of companies assessing CDE providers is vendor lock-in. We built our enterprise offering to be absolutely plug-and-play with existing toolchains, using the universal Dev Container spec. Besides enabling engineers to seamlessly switch between local and cloud development, this allows moving entire toolchains in and out of CodeSandbox in minutes.

Example of switching between local development and our CDE.

Speaking of toolchains, CodeSandbox Enterprise integrates seamlessly with GitHub, VS Code, Docker and any tech stack, greatly reducing the initial setup and developer onboarding. In fact, most teams using CodeSandbox get up and running in just a few hours.

Finally, we made a significant push and commitment to ensuring the availability and security of our environments. Our infrastructure is available up to 99.9% of the time, and we have implemented SSO and a myriad of security features to ensure the privacy and security of all our environments (we expect to receive SOC 2 Type II certification by early 2024).

Stepping into the future

CDEs are the future of software development. It’s not just us and Gartner saying it—the majority of developers and engineering leaders from our upcoming “The State of CDEs” report (coming soon) also share this belief.

With our enterprise offering, we’re bringing all the benefits of CDEs (and more) to organizations that want to get ahead in accelerating engineering processes. Plus, we’re packaging it in a way that provides unbeatable ROI.

Due to high demand, we’re making CodeSandbox Enterprise available by inviting organizations to join our waitlist. Explore this offering with more detail on our website and contact us if you’d like to learn more.

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