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Sandpack January Update

Sizebot, CodeMirror, license moved to Apache 2.0 and more.
Sandpack January Update


  • Sizebot: just introduced a new bot to analyze the current bundler on every pull request and make sure we’re aware of the current bundle size. It uses the same methodology from to analyze the exports from the bundle and its dependencies. Here’s an example running on a PR;
  • CodeMirror: adds the language extension as a class name in the editor component, which gives more possibilities for customizations #334;
  • Tests: increased the coverage of the unit tests in one of the core functions #336.


  • init-mode: it resets the bundler state when the client has been unregistered, which gives the loading component start a new loading flow from scratch #337;
  • editorState: it shifts the approach of how the editorState has been updated in the Sandpack context. From now on, it watches any changes on files and then sets if the current editor has any changes performed internally #333;
  • CodeEditor component: it was found out another approach to remove the placeholder div, in order to avoid a state without any code for a few milliseconds (#310);
  • calculateNearestUniquePath: fixed some edge cases with the same file name in different directories (#311);
  • Scrollbar: remove custom styles for scrollbars, which was hijacking the default system behavior. From now on, we leave the client to decide how to customize the scrollbars, instead of enforcing an opinionated style.


  • Decorations API: create examples and documentation of the ability to draw and style pieces of the content in the code editor - an example. (#306).


  • License: we finally moved the license to Apache-2.0 (which is a more permissible license, we're enabling more contributions);
  • We wrote a document about Contribution Guide, Performance Indicator, License & Community. Check it here.

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