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Firecracker by default, more storage and more FPS.

We're really excited to unveil what we worked on over the last week.
Firecracker by default, more storage and more FPS.

As some of you may know, one of the exciting new technologies we use to build the experience that we envision for CodeSandbox Projects is Firecracker. This has not been done before in the way we are using it, so there's a lot of experimentation and innovation happening. The good news is - we got it to a state that all new Projets created will run on Firecracker by default and we'll migrate other projects over in the near future.

This is an exciting update because Firecracker allows us to do new things. It's faster branching and faster (sometimes instant) bootup times for running dev servers. We are working on a full blog post for this topic because there is soo much to share. For now, let us share some other highlights from last week:

More Storage by default

Projects now have 6GB (4GB previously) of storage by default. We've seen quite some improvement when it comes to VM size and extra storage, so we've bumped this up for the extra space and comfort.

More FPS

Alright, this is actually the result of some feature-work we titled "memoize router", but the result of this is a higher FPS count in our Editor as there are fewer refreshes and that is what counts. We'll always keep an eye on this FPS for your snappy Editor feeling and anything we can do to make it fast we'll tackle regularly to make sure the experience is great.

VScode Extension

Tasks now have a proper status shown next to them right in VScode. No more guessing which of them is running or not.

CodeSandbox for iOS

Our Mobile Team (it's the one and only Carlos) is hard at work on all days.

  • You'll now find LSP diagnostics output directly in your editor on mobile, and it's really great. Instant feedback on your JS code, if it's all looking correct, is an amazing feature to have to avoid little oversights.
  • Improved Code Completion Performance by 0.2 seconds (it actually feels faster, I swear)

That's all for this week. So long, all the best from your

CodeSandbox Team

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