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VS Code Insider support, faster project imports and much more

We're really excited to unveil what we worked on over the last two weeks.
VS Code Insider support, faster project imports and much more

Disclaimer - we changed the naming structure a little bit for the releases. The name now reflects the week we write the update and will cover what has happened since the last one. That should make everything a little clearer, we hope. So lets dive right in.

Since the release of the Projects public beta, we started an Engineering Cycle. This one is mostly focused on fixing a few cut corners, catching up on important tooling work, improving stability and performance, and tackling some necessary refactors. But our team also dropped in some delighters, so this update will still have a few surprises.


  • We now support the VScode Insider build. Everything you want to know about this, you'll find in our updated documentation.
    This feature was highly requested, and we are super proud to be able to support it with the quality we strive for.
  • In the participants section of our extension, you'll now see the proper avatars next to the names.

Projects Editor

  • You can now branch from main through the command palette from any branch
  • You can now edit multiple Environment Variables at once, allowing for copy-pasting
  • New Language support for nix , dockerfiles and elixir
  • Improved (and fixed) prettier support. If there is no prettier installed in the project, it will fall back to a provided version. (🤫 some cool performance updates are incoming)


  • Improved layout for various screen sizes of our Project Dashboard
  • Project Import of Open Source Projects now opens the proper dialog and lets you chose the GitHub Organization you want to fork the project to.


  • Some major database migrations that allow faster queries and better maintainability of a few challenging relations
  • Filesystem indexing which is happening in our VMs got a major performance update. The logic was rewritten from Typescript to Rust and in our our bigger project we saw a change from 30-60s down to 10-30ms. Yes, it's magnitudes faster. This will also impact newly imported projects to be available much faster.
  • Improved stability and performance of our VMs especially. (We now offer US and EU locations btw)
  • Addressed some syncing issues that occurred for people using the online editor and the VScode extension at the same time on multiple devices.
  • We closed one workaround for classic sandboxes, where teams were able to fork private and unlisted sandboxes created in the past without having an active subscription at the moment. If a workflow depends on unlisted sandboxes, you can still invite collaborators manually to these Sandboxes.

Besides all this, we shipped a lot of little UI tweaks and bug fixes and more. Based on our Issue Tracker we shipped 96 Tickets in the last two weeks alone (and not all work was tracked in issues).

That's it for now, and keep your eyes out for the next update.

Your CodeSandbox Team

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