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GitHub App updates, better Astro support and a new login method

We're really excited to unveil what we worked on over the last two weeks.
GitHub App updates, better Astro support and a new login method


  • Embedded sandboxes via Embedly (as in Medium) will soon support query params for setting up the panes, opening files, etc. thanks to a user coordinating with their support. We want to extend a big thank you and we are grateful to have such an amazing community.


The Editor

  • Better Astro support!

    • Autocomplete & IntelliSense
    • Linting
    • Type Definitions
    • A new template to start with, which you can find here.
  • Improved the performance of the file explorer.

  • Allow opening localhost URLs directly from the terminal, and they get rewritten to the right URL.

  • Preview links will now be added as comments to pull requests instead of editing the pull request’s description. 🎉

  • Added an improved menu on the top left in the header.

GitHub App

  • Added Deployment support for every preview URL. This way you can easily run end-to-end tests against the preview URLs for every PR. This requires additional permissions in the GitHub App: “Read and write access to Deployments”. More info here.
  • As an open source maintainer, you can now edit PRs of external contributors if they have enabled “Allow edits from core maintainers”.
  • We now include the “VS Code Insiders” in the “Open in CodeSandbox …” list of links.
  • We now also include preview URLs in the list of links.


  • You can now sign in with Apple in the latest App version which gets rolled out across the App Store over the course of this week. The new login method is also available through the web browser. 🍎

We also released a new version of our beloved VS Code Extension with a few little tweaks and improvements.

Oh, and Sandpack has an awesome console now. 🙀

Finally, we want to say how much we appreciate all the support we get from all of our users on a daily basis. Thank you so much!

CodeSandbox Team

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