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Cloud Sandboxes for iOS & VS Code, new onboarding and more

Hello there 👋 Hope everyone had a good start to November. How time flies!
Cloud Sandboxes for iOS & VS Code, new onboarding and more

We have been busy (as always) and are super excited to share all the exciting things we’ve been working on.

CodeSandbox for iOS update

Let’s start with our biggest news—a new update to our iOS app 🎉

We are really excited about the steady growth of our users on our app and appreciate all the great feedback we’re constantly getting.

So, what’s new in version 3.14.0? Best leave it to the words of our outstanding iOS developer Carlos Vidal💯

This release introduces Cloud Sandboxes which give you the flexibility you need to quickly prototype ideas or try new technologies without the hassle of setting up GitHub repository. Moreover, Cloud Sandboxes are powered by the micro-VMs used for larger projects so you can take advantage of the enhanced coding experience they provide.

On top of that, we have redesigned the dashboard, improved the sandbox creation flow, implemented a screen to manage sandbox permissions and enhanced the list of actions sitting above the keyboard while coding. And last but not least, if you were impacted by a bug that wouldn't allow you to link a GitHub account with your CodeSandbox account we've fixed that. Sorry for the inconvenience!

A new onboarding flow

We’re happy to have shipped our new onboarding flow, which will guide you through your first experiences with CodeSandbox Repositories and Sandboxes.

You’ll get more details and guides on how to get started with your projects in seconds. Plus, we have made further updates to our documentation, which now offers a unified experience that gives you specific details on all our clients (Web, iOS, VS Code) in one place.

Better VMs

We’re also working a lot on making everyone's Pro subscription more powerful.

Pro accounts will now get better and improved instance specs for Cloud Sandboxes and Repositories. You can find more details on our Pricing page.

Git experience improvements

We hear you; with repositories, there were a lot of cases when it was so hard to fix git issues, conflicts, etc.
From now on, you will see the notification if there is a conflict with the remote branch. With a single click, you can reset your workspace branch with the remote version; along with more fixes and small improvements to make your life easier.

VSCode support for Cloud Sandboxes

From today you can open and edit a cloud sandbox directly from your own VSCode editor with your own extensions, themes and keybindings!

(Much) more to come!

Besides all these updates, we have been cooking up some bigger improvements that we will share more about soon.

Finally, if you haven’t tried out our new Cloud Sandboxes, you absolutely should. These allow you to run all the magic of the recently released Next.js v13 with all its server-side functionalities at the click of a button. Try it out now over on

Till next time.

Your CodeSandbox Team.

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