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New Repo Import Flow, Annual Plans, Better AI and UX Improvements

March was all about improving the CodeSandbox experience across the board. See everything we shipped!
New Repo Import Flow, Annual Plans, Better AI and UX Improvements

Aaaaand we're back 👋

Hello everyone (or hallo allemaal, as we'd probably say in our HQ)! We're back with yet another update to CodeSandbox, so you can get up to date with everything we shipped.

This month was focused on improving many different flows of CodeSandbox, so there's a bit of everything in here.

Let's jump right in!

What's new?


New repository import flow 🔥

CodeSandbox CDE is especially useful for working on your repositories. So, we have rebuilt the repo import flow from scratch, so that after you grant GitHub permissions, we automatically show a list of repos from your GitHub organizations that you can import with a click. You can also type an owner/name combination to quickly import any GitHub repo.

CodeSandbox repo import

Annual plans 🗓️

CodeSandbox Pro now has an annual billing option, which is especially useful for teams and companies looking for predictable billing. The process for starting an annual plan may take up to 24 hours for the time being.

CodeSandbox annual billing

Editing subscription add-ons ➕

CodeSandbox Pro subscribers can now adjust their add-ons at any point through their workspace portal. All changes will take effect at the start of the upcoming billing cycle. Once a change has been scheduled, it may still be adjusted during the period before the billing cycle changes over.

CodeSandbox Pro add-ons

Seamless git checkout ▶️

Now, running git checkout in the terminal clones the VM of the original branch. This seamless flow encapsulates the "one VM per branch" approach that makes CodeSandbox unique.

Improvements & Bug Fixes


Fixed a significant issue with Boxy AI, which could only answer questions about any open documents; now, Boxy will consider the full context of the codebase.


Changed the default privacy of newly-created Devboxes to 'Private' to avoid unintentional VM spend from non-workspace viewers.


Improved the UI of the dashboard, which now has clearer buttons in the top bar for starting a new Sandbox, Devbox, or repository.


Improved the UX of the handling of commits - now, we don't suggest commit messages by default and you can request a commit message by clicking the AI icon.


Improved the management of new Pitcher versions. Now, we automatically restart the VM on PR merges when a new version of Pitcher is available. This makes sure that users who rarely/never visit the default branch start every new branch with a stale Pitcher version.


Improved the UX of 'missing dependency' error messages by implementing the classic missing dependency button.


Several UX and performance fixes to the editor.


Several fixes and improvements to the API, static assets, GitHub client, invites, and subscription flows.


Several general improvements and bug fixes, mostly focused on improving stability.

And that's a wrap!

We hope you're as excited as we are about these recent updates. And don't forget to share your feedback and feature requests on our community platform!

See you on the next one 👋

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