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Storybook Add-on, SOC 2, Unlimited Public Sandboxes and more

There's a bit of everything in this May 2024 CodeSandbox update!
Storybook Add-on, SOC 2, Unlimited Public Sandboxes and more

Hey hey 👋

Great to have you here for a fresh CodeSandbox changelog!

This month had a bit of everything in store for us and we had the chance to work on some really exciting projects.

Read all about them below!

What's new?


Storybook add-on 🧩

We're making every story come to life with the CodeSandbox Storybook add-on! After configuring the add-on on your Storybook instance, you will see a button to open that story in a Sandbox, which is great for design system teams and sharing bug repros.


CodeSandbox is now SOC 2 compliant ✅

This milestone reflects how we handle and process customers' data securely, meeting key security standards. Read more details in our announcement.

CodeSandbox is SOC 2 compliant

Unlimited public Sandboxes 🚀

After countless chats with our users, we decided to update our Free plan so it now includes unlimited public Sandboxes, 5 private Sandboxes and private npm.


Manual VM hibernation 🧊

We have added an option to manually hibernate a VM from the editor's menu. This may be useful in cases where you want to immediatelly stop VM runtime.

Hibernate a CodeSandbox VM

VM credit spend meter 🧮

We have added a UI element to the bottom left of the dashboard that displays VM credit expenditure in reference to the allocated quota. This makes it easier to monitor your spending.

VM runtime meter

Public VM templates for free

We have updated the logic of our public templates running in VMs so that their runtime is not billed to the workspace that created the template. This way, we're empowering everyone to create and share powerful templates with the community at no extra cost.


Add 'Template Universe' section to the website


Add new templates for Codeium and Solid Start


Add support for Jupyter Notebooks in our experimental VS Code Web editor

Improvements & Bug Fixes


Several improvements to our VS Code Web editor, including the UX of DevTool windows, port opens, and the whole VS Code UI.


Fix issue that prevented editor layout changes from persisting between refreshes.


Remove Boxy AI toolbar, which was exhibiting unexpected behavior.


Fix issue where the private Sandbox limit was wrongly shown for legacy Pro subscribers.


Fix issue that prevented deleting Sandboxes; now, users can delete any Sandboxes in any workspace that they have at least write access to.


Fix issue where some UI elements related to VM runtime were shown to legacy Pro subscribers.


Several fixes and tweaks to our GitHub API, workspaces, organizations, UI regressions, and SSO authentication.


Fixes to some minor UI and UX issues in the upgrade page, GitHub App install, forking behavior, VM restarts, private npm, scrolling in modals, and hiding DevTool windows.


Several other general improvements and bug fixes, mostly focused on improving stability.

And wouldn't you know it, that's it!

We had a blast working on all of these projects and improving CodeSandbox across the board for you all.

Remember to drop by our community platform to leave your feedback and feature requests!

See you in the next one 👋

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