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Sandpack April & May Update

Getting ready for React 18, many fixes on Code Editor and other fixes.
Sandpack April & May Update


  • showOpenInCodeSandbox: pass prop to loading component (#486);
  • Codemirror component: remove inline props, which was triggered unnecessary re-renders (#477);
  • CodeEditor: prefer React.useId when available, getting ready for React 18 (#461);
  • CodeEditor: check if error message has a valid position (#466);
  • CodeEditor: any change on read-only props wasn’t remounting the component (#456);
  • Sandpack-context: make sure that the method updateFile triggers all clients (#455).


  • Sandpack-client: refactor iFrame fs protocol in order to use the main protocol and take the advantage of channel-id (#483)
  • Sandpack-client: expose console message methods;
  • Sandpack-context: updateFile method support multiple files (#453).

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