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Drag and drop file upload, better framework support and more.

We're really excited to unveil what we worked on over the last two weeks.
Drag and drop file upload, better framework support and more.

Huh... where was week 23? Good that you ask. So here's a little insight into how CodeSandbox Team operates currently.

We try to run a 4-week cycle where the first 3 weeks are discovery and implementation continuously and the 4th week is a "cool-down" week where we try to tie up all loose ends. For example, we write and finish documentation that is missing, evaluate the success of the last few weeks, and so on. We also did this 4 week cycle for the first time in the current structure and we did not ship anything noteworthy in the last week but planned and discovered a lot. So there is much more to come in the future. Overall we're learning and iterating and these weekly releases are what we always focus on getting better at.

On to more fun things as there are cool things to share:

  • Drag and Drop File Upload
    • Nothing prevents you anymore from uploading files with one little drag to your project and it gets uploaded in seconds (depending on filesize 😉). Made a neat little Demo for yall.
  • Better Framework Support
    • Many Frameworks like Vite, Remix, Solid and more are making sure your code runs perfectly in all conditions. So far it always needed a little bit of manual configuration to get them running in Projects because of how they interact with localhost to show you the latest changes. Luckily we were able to build something to make that obsolete. Now, these projects work as expected in CodeSandbox Projects without extra configuration and can shine. We should make a blog post on this as it's pretty cool.
  • Other Changes and Fixes
    • We fixed some performance issues around the LSP implementation
    • Fork is now called Branch - let us know if this is less confusing
    • Dropdown menus no longer hide content outside the window by accident
    • Better Error handling and messaging throughout the import flow

That's all we can share this week, but there's much more to come. Stay tuned.

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