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Boxy AI assistant, Go support, VS Code overhaul, and editor updates

Here is another huge CodeSandbox update roundup, with exciting changes and improvements across the board.
Boxy AI assistant, Go support, VS Code overhaul, and editor updates

Hey everyone! We're back with a fresh round of updates.

And what an update this is! Boxy was our biggest release of the year (so far) and we're thrilled by the response. But that's not all!

So, let's start "unboxing" πŸ˜‰

What's new?


Boxy, your new AI assistant ✨

In our biggest launch this year, we introduced AI tooling into CodeSandbox through Boxy, your new coding assistant. Boxy has the full context of your project, so you can ask it to write, refactor, review or annotate code. Plus, it has the unique ability to refactor code right from the UI!


Official Go support 🦫

Go was, by far, our most requested language. So we heard you and brought official LSP support for Go in CodeSandbox! Get started with our brand-new Go template.


Sandbox support for VS Code

Recently, we saw adoption of our VS Code extension skyrocket and received a lot of feedback. So, we did a major overhaul that improves stability, introduces support for working with sandboxes right from VS Code, improves task handling, and adds support for adding specific VS Code extensions to specific repositories/sandboxes through .vscode/extensions.json.


Basic code review functionality

After countless conversations with our users, we understood that CodeSandbox provides immense value for code reviews. So, we introduced the key requirements for conducting code reviews in CodeSandbox: a new PR review panel, list of reviewers and the review state, two-way sync with GitHub, view of changes by file, support for adding line comments to diffs, AI-generated review message, and support for submitting reviews directly through the CodeSandbox UI.

There's a lot more to come for reviews, so stay tuned πŸ˜‰


Added support for Tailwind CSS

Projects using Tailwind will now automatically get classname autocomplete, linting, color highlighting, and hover previews. See it in action!


Added the ability to CMD + click on 'toggle view mode' so that it opens the file in the toggled mode as a new tab. Great for side-by-side Markdown previews!


Improved the Angular CLI template and made it the default for


Added the ability to download the contents of cloud sandboxes or branches as a ZIP file.


Released a new version of Pitcher that improves container and Dev Container support.

Improvements & Bug Fixes


Improved the logic for memory snapshotting.

We moved from zstd to lz4 for compressing memory snapshots. ZSTD is an amazing algorithm and it’s better than LZ4 when you consider all factors (compression ratio, speed, etc.). But LZ4 is faster in decompression, 4 times faster.


Fixed several intricate bugs with the latest layout update.


Several UX improvements to the new editor panels, including a new + button, new actions on the panel dialog, and an improved placeholder when the last editor tab is closed.


Improved the performance of switching tabs and opening files on the editor by removing the 'useClickEvents' hook from some click actions.


Improved the UX of the empty DevTool (new tab), which is now structured into groups.


Added a new stripe at the bottom of tasks encouraging users to set a 'primary port' to the task config.


Updated the Astro LSP to v2, which brings Tailwind LSP support in Astro files.

And that's a wrap!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback. We're on Discord!

See you on the next one πŸ‘‹

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