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Unified Platform, Codeium and VS Code editor

November was one of our busiest months ever! See everything we shipped.
Unified Platform, Codeium and VS Code editor

Hello there 👋

It's finally here - a new changelog and one of the last of 2023! And what a changelog this is!

November was a very exciting month here at CodeSandbox. We merged 253 PRs in our main repo alone and hosted our first-ever launch week.

There is a lot of good stuff to cover, so let's get right into it!

What's new?


Unified Platform 🚀

Probably our biggest launch of 2023, our Unified Platform introduced Devboxes (instant cloud environments running in our microVM infrastructure) and brought the biggest overhaul to Sandboxes in 5 years. Watch the AMA live stream with the team for all the details.

Showcase of a Devbox instantly spinning up a branch.


AI autocomplete powered by Codeium 🤖

Many of our users have asked for autocomplete features similar to those offered by Copilot. Thanks to our Codeium integration, we released fast AI autocomplete for 70+ languages and made it free for every CodeSandbox user 🥳 Check the details in our live stream with the Codeium team.


VS Code editor overhaul 🔥

Our code editor received one of the biggest updates ever with a lot of additions based on VS Code. Now, you will find a new quickpicker, sidebar and bottom bar, search & replace functionality, and you can use your own VS Code keybindings, settings and themes.

Improvements & Bug Fixes


Updated personal workspaces into standard workspaces that can include additional collaborators and tweaked how account settings are displayed.


Improved the stability of LSP, Prettier compatibility and binary file upload support in Sandboxes.


Improved the rendering of the dependency picker and made it available for both editors and viewers.


Added several new shortcuts to the editor's main menu, under the 'Editor' menu item.


Several stability improvements related to the move to a VS Code-powered editor.


Replaced Next.js with an Express application to improve build and server performance.


Added a second screen shown during the Devbox/Sandbox creation process.


General improvements and bug fixes mostly focused on improving the stability of the editor.

Aaaand that's a wrap!

We can't help but feel proud of everything we achieved in November and extremely thankful to our community of users like yourself who push us to go further. We hosted our first Launch Week and you can read more about what we did each day during this special week in this article.

We wish you a fantastic end to 2023 and a great start to 2024 filled with exciting projects and achievements 🥂

And we'd love to see you on our new community platform. Come say hi and share your projects with us!

See you on the other side 👋

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