Instant dev environments.

CodeSandbox provides instant cloud development environments that keep you in flow.

Our microVM infrastructure makes it easy for you to spin up a development environment in the cloud and start working on it, whether it's a small prototype or a big monolith with multiple services.

To use CodeSandbox for cloud development with a strong GitHub integration, we recommend using repositories. If you want to prototype an idea or create a demo, we recommend using sandboxes.


We provide many alternatives for you to code. Each option is built to help you focus on what matters: getting the work done without friction.

Cloud Web Editor

Introduced in 2022, the cloud web editor leverages the power of micro virtual machines (microVMs) to run projects of any type and size. We recommend it as the first choice for daily development, reviewing code or quickly spinning up prototypes.

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Browser Sandbox Editor

Known and loved for years, this editor was built for rapid web development using only the power of the browser. All the features from this editor are gradually being added to the cloud editor. However, the browser editor remains available to everyone who still calls it home.

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