Collaborate & Share

Collaborate & Share

At CodeSandbox, we believe that collaborating on code should be as easy as possible.

As we evolve our platform, we keep expanding how you can collaborate with others when coding.

Repositories & Devboxes

CodeSandbox Repositories and Devboxes were built to facilitate collaboration.

Every branch you run on CodeSandbox gets its own live development environment, which is fully collaborative by default. This means you just have to share the URL of that branch to collaborate with others.

When an Editor joins the branch you're on, you can follow their avatar through the code and do live pair programming. Terminals are also collaborative, allowing you to see the commands executed by other people working in your branch.

This makes CodeSandbox Repositories the perfect tool to develop full-stack apps with your team, as you can grant access to all projects and branches or share specific branches with more granular permissions.

Sharing specific branches

  1. Open the branch you wish to share in the Editor.
  2. In the top right corner, click on Share .
  3. Copy the URL to share your workspace.

Working in teams

For more information on managing and creating teams, go to the Team page.

Working on other IDEs

Collaboration works on our VS Code extension and the CodeSandbox iOS App in a very similar fashion. Simply find the branch that you want to work on together, share the URL, and build together live.


Collaborating on Devboxes is almost identical to what we described above for Repositories. The main difference is the fact that Devboxes are an isolated instance that's not connected to GitHub, so there's no concept of a "branch".