Getting Started
PR configuration

Deployment Previews & GitHub App

Now that you've configured your repository to work in CodeSandbox, we highly recommend that you also configure deployment previews.

With deployment previews, CodeSandbox automatically adds a link to every PR you open, allowing anyone with access to the repo to open the PR on a preloaded development environment running in CodeSandbox. This is great for reviewing changes, testing the application, or quickly making changes to a PR.

To enable deployment previews, you need to install the CodeSandbox GitHub App. You can do this by opening the command palette (/Ctrl + Shift + P) and selecting “Install GitHub App”.

After you've gone through the install steps, you should automatically get deployments for new PRs with a link to both the preview (if configured through tasks) and the development environment!

There are more advantages to using the CodeSandbox GitHub App, like automatic dashboard syncing. You can learn more about this under GitHub App.