Pricing FAQs

How do I know how many credits I need?

Credit use depends on the time spent on a VM and the type of VM a project runs on. For example, a single developer working on a small react prototype for 40 hours on a Nano VM might use around 400 credits. However, a team of three developers building a full-stack web app might benefit from the added performance of Mirco VM. If this team uses a total of 60 hours of VM runtime, that will be 1200 credits. Meanwhile, a Rust application requires higher compute for a good experience, so a single developer working for 10 hours on a Small VM would accrue 400 credits.

Do credits apply to Sandbox use?

No. Credits are used to measure VM use. Sandboxes run in the browser and therefore don't require VMs, making them free to use.

Can I always use CodeSandbox for free?

Yes, Free plans never expire.

Is it possible to change my subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

What if I need private projects?

Private Sandboxes, Devboxes and repositories are available on all subscription tiers, including the Free tier.

My Devbox or repository is frozen. What does that mean?

The VM will become frozen if the workspace does not have enough available credits to run a VM. You may encounter a frozen state if:

  • you are on a Free workspace and have run out of credits;
  • you are on a Pro workspace but your credit spend has hit the spending limit.

To get out of the frozen state, you can either upgrade (opens in a new tab) to Pro (if you are on Free) or adjust your spending limit. Otherwise, you must wait until the start of the next billing cycle for your credits to renew.

The Sandbox that I want to use is restricted. What do I do?

If you have Sandboxes over the limit of your subscription, you can regain access to the Sandboxes in two ways:

  • by upgrading your workspace to Pro;
  • by converting your Sandbox to a Devbox (all plans include unlimited Devboxes).

How much does a credit cost?

Credits are priced at $0.018 each. You can conveniently purchase them as add-ons to your base package, starting at $9 for a bundle of 500 credits. Discounts are available for packages with more credits.

How can I add more credits?

Adding more credits is a breeze. Head over to your subscription settings in your account and navigate to billing. You'll find the option to add or upgrade your plan effortlessly.

What is the difference between subscription credits and add-on credits?

Subscription credits are a monthly allocation that comes bundled with your base plan. On the other hand, add-on credits are available for purchase at any time, don't renew automatically, and remain accessible until you've used them all.

Can I add a repository to multiple workspaces?

Repositories can only be added to one workspace at a time. Please note that there is a 30-day pause on moving repositories to different workspaces to prevent misuse of the platform.

Can I get more than 20 members?

Absolutely! Explore our enterprise (opens in a new tab) plan, which offers unlimited members.

How can I get a refund or cancel my subscription?

Canceling Plans: While we may have to bid farewell, you may need to cancel your subscription at some point. Your subscription is linked to your workspace. If you have multiple workspaces with subscriptions, you'll need to cancel them individually. Charges will cease after the current billing cycle once all subscriptions are canceled via the billing page of each workspace.

Refunds: We typically do not offer refunds. However, users in the EU or Turkey can request a refund within 14 days of their initial purchase. Please note that the refund option is no longer available if you've used up to 50 credits after your Pro subscription or add-on.

Can I keep my legacy per-user Pro plan?

Absolutely! You can choose to keep your legacy Pro plan until further notice. In case we require any change to your subscription in the future, rest assured that we will give you two months’ notice so you can accommodate the changes. If you wish to upgrade, follow the straightforward guide in the billing section of your account.