Credits & Usage


Credits serve as the unit of measurement for VM runtime. They simplify understanding and managing the costs of running your Devboxes and Repositories. One credit equates to a specific amount of resources used per hour, which ensures clarity and transparency in your billing.

VM sizeCredits / hourCost / hourCPURAM
Nano10 credits$0.182 cores4 GB
Micro20 credits$0.364 cores8 GB
Small40 credits$0.728 cores16 GB
Medium80 credits$1.4416 cores32 GB
Large160 credits$2.8832 cores64 GB
XLarge320 credits$5.7664 cores128 GB

Sandboxes do not run on VMs, so any time spent on a Sandbox will not count toward your credit spend.

Types of credits

Subscription credits

Subscription credits are allocated monthly credits per workspace according to the subscription plan. A workspace on the free plan gets 400 credits per month. The Pro plan has a base of 1000 credits a month, but more can be purchased with credit add-ons.


Unused credits do not roll over month-to-month.

On-demand credits

Once subscription credits have been used, VM usage will begin running on on-demand credits. These credits will be tracked and billed at the end of the billing cycle. On-demand credits are not subject to discount and are billed at a standard $0.18 per hour.

To prevent unexpected bills due to unusually high on-demand credit usage, every Pro workspace is required to set a spending limit.