Usage-based Billing

Usage-based Billing

Our usage-based billing system is designed to provide a flexible and cost-effective approach to managing your workspace and using our Devboxes and Repositories. It's based on a credit system, where credits translate virtual machine (VM) runtime per hour into precise costs.

Key components

Virtual Machines

Our Devboxes and Repositories run on VMs, which allow you to develop, review and preview your software projects. As such, VMs are the backbone of our usage measurement.


Credits serve as the unit of measurement for VM runtime. They simplify understanding and managing the costs of running your Devboxes and Repositories. One credit equates to a specific amount of resources used per hour, which ensures clarity and transparency in your billing. More details can be found here.


Each subscription tier has a specific storage limit. The storage refers to the VM disk space limit of each Devbox or Repository branch running in that workspace. For example, the Free tier includes 20 GB of storage. So, every Devbox or Repository branch running on a VM will have 20 GB of storage. If the storage included in your subscription tier isn't enough, you can upgrade to a higher tier of Pro.

Further details on how usage-based billing is used in our pricing can be found on the Subscriptions page.