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File Upload

File Upload

Uploading Static Files

It's sometimes desired to have either images or big files in a sandbox. We allow you to upload these within CodeSandbox. As a patron (opens in a new tab) you are allowed to upload a maximum of 500MB, otherwise you are able to upload 20MB. Remember that all uploaded files are public, regardless of the privacy of the sandbox

Ways to upload

There are two ways to upload files: by using a wizard or by drag and dropping the files in a folder in CodeSandbox. The wizard can be opened by clicking on the upload icon in the Files tab.

Upload Wizard

Dragging and dropping the files in the Files tab works as well.

Storage Management

You can use an uploaded file in multiple sandboxes at the same time. For this reason we have a separate 'Storage Management' that allows you to see which files you have uploaded. You can find the manager in your user menu.

Storage Management in User Menu

You are able to view your storage usage with the option to either open uploaded files, add uploaded files to the opened sandbox or to delete an uploaded file.

Storage Management

CLI Integration

When you deploy a sandbox using the CLI we automatically detect the binary files and upload them to the CodeSandbox Storage Management after getting confirmation.