Getting Started
Importing a repo

Import a repository

If you haven't already imported a repository, you can do so by navigating to the Recent page in the dashboard and clicking “Import from GitHub”.

If you have already granted GH OAuth permissions, you will see a list of GitHub organizations that you are a part of. Select the organization containing the repository that you want to import and select the desired repo. If you don't see your repository, you may need to insert the GitHub URL into the input field (e.g. “codesandbox/test-sandbox”).

OAuth permissions allow CodeSandbox to list the repositories you have access to as well as permissions to execute git actions that allow the editor to stay up-to-date as you code.

The first time you import a repo can take a while. During the first time setup, we clone the repository into the VM and set up the folders for the project. However, after this setup, we will create a memory snapshot of the VM, which will ensure that all the following VM loads (& clones!) will be fast.

At this stage, you will have the main branch of your repository imported into CodeSandbox. But before we dive into the environment setup, let's use the next chapter to look at how we handle branching.