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VS Code configuration

VS Code Configuration

CodeSandbox supports opening branches in VS Code (opens in a new tab) and in our native iOS app (opens in a new tab). When you open the branch inside VS Code, you will have access to your own extensions, keybindings and themes.

VS Code and iOS also have live collaboration across different editors. This means that you'll be able to work together with someone who has the same branch open inside the web editor.

If you want to configure default VS Code extensions to be installed for your repository, you can create a new file called .vscode/recommendations.json.

This is an example of how this file could look like:

  "recommendations": ["esbenp.prettier-vscode", "dbaeumer.vscode-eslint"]

When someone opens this VM in VS Code, we'll make sure that the extensions are preinstalled.

If you want to have some personal extensions available in any CodeSandbox branch, you can update your own VS Code settings to reflect this. In your VS Code settings (we recommend opening the JSON version by clicking on the File icon in the top left), you can add these settings, for example, to automatically install these extensions when connecting to a VM:

  "remote.SSH.defaultExtensions": [