Workspace members have access to a personal Sandbox drafts section in every workspace to which they belong. Drafts are intended to provide a private space to test ideas before sharing them with the workspace.

All drafts are private and only editable by their creator. Once a draft is moved out of the drafts folder, it becomes editable by anyone in the workspace.

Subscriptions and limits

Members of Free workspaces can create up to 10 Sandbox drafts, while in Pro workspaces, every workspace member has access to an unlimited number.

Note: If you had more than 10 drafts in the drafts folder when the draft restrictions were put in place, all old drafts would be marked as restricted, meaning that they are read-only until their owner updates their privacy. This ensures that any Sandboxes that have been shared via embeds do not break until the owner has time to move the Sandbox to a workspace folder where sharing is encouraged.