Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find live sessions?

Live sessions are available in Devboxes. If you're currently using a Sandbox but wish to start a live session, you need to convert it to a Devbox first.

What should I do if I need more space for file uploads?

Converting your Sandbox to a Devbox or repository will provide you with more storage for your files.

How does the CLI work with binary files?

When you deploy a Sandbox using the CLI we automatically detect the binary files and upload them to the CodeSandbox Storage Management after getting confirmation.

What happened to deployments?

Vercel deployments are still supported through CLI commands, but there is no longer an interface in Sandboxes to support deployments. If you find this to be an important feature, you can request it (opens in a new tab) in our community platform.

Where can I find the tests tab?

We made the decision to remove the built in tests from browser Sandboxes. We unfortunately never found a way to make them work as consistently as we would have liked.

If your project requires tests, we recommend using a Devbox. They will allow you to build and run your own tests within your project as needed.